air mobile penumatic manipulator

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air mobile penumatic manipulator, is a power manipulator that can move in any position to move one machine from one workstation to another.

air pneumatic mobile manipulator

The air mobile penumatic manipulator is also called a pneumatic balance power-assisted manipulator, a pneumatic balance crane, and a balance booster. It is a novel power-assisted device used for labor-saving operations during material handling and installation. It is a pneumatically assisted, manually operated manipulator. The use of power-assisted manipulators can reduce the labor intensity of operators, achieve light operation and accurate positioning when handling heavy workpieces, and ensure the safety of equipment and operators.     The power-assisted manipulator is mainly used to assist workers in handling and assembling, and is a power-assisted handling equipment that reduces labor intensity. It combines ergonomic principles and provides material transportation, workpiece handling and assembly with the concepts of safety, simplicity, efficiency and energy saving.     During the transportation process, the equipment is controlled by a logical air circuit, which converts the weight of the heavy object itself into a small manual operating force, easily realizing the movement, transportation and assembly of heavy objects at any position in the operating space, and solving the industrial transportation and assembly problem safely and efficiently.     Non-standard customized fixtures can complete actions such as grabbing, transporting, flipping, lifting, and docking workpieces (products), and quickly and accurately assemble heavy objects at preset positions. They are ideal for loading and unloading materials and production assembly. The power-assisted equipment can save labor and improve efficiency for the factory.

air pneumatic mobile manipulator 2


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We are a professional customized automation equipment manufacturer. Our products include depalletizer, pick and place packing machine, palletizer, robot integration application, loading and unloading manipulators, carton forming,carton sealing,pallet dispensper,wrapping machine and other automation solutions for back-end packaging production line.

Our factory area is about 3,500 square meters. The core technical team has an average of 5-10 years of experience in mechanical automation, including 2 mechanical design engineers. 1 programming engineer, 8 assembly workers, 4 after-sales debugging person, and other 10 workers

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(a)With a load display, indicating the load status, informing the operator whether the material can be raised or unloaded.Once the display is red,the system is loaded.
(b) Load pressure gauge indicating working condition of compressed air.
(c)With safety wrong operation protection device to prevent damage to person or equipment; before the operator confirms the installation condition, before the workpiece is not installed, if the worker releases the button (limited to the power fixture),the workpiece won’t unloading.
(d) The system is equipped with a gas loss protection device. When the main gas supply source accidentally breaks off, the main engine arm rod cannot be moved, and the manipulator stops the operation to avoid accidental injury.
(e) With a safety control system. During operation, the system will not suddenly change the load or unload pressure due to wrong action, so the manipulator will not quickly rise or fall and cause damage to the person, equipment or products.



Cost-effective palletizing solution

Safety light curtain controls located at the full pallet’s exit point

Maximum design flexibility enabling the equipment to accommodate most operational requirements and layouts

System can support up to 15 different stacking patterns

Standard components for easy maintenance

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