automobile hard arm pneumatic manipulator

Short Description:

 automobile hard arm pneumatic manipulator is a power manipulator that can move in any position to move one machine from one workstation to another.

automobile hard arm pneumatic manipulator 1 automobile hard arm pneumatic manipulator 2 automobile hard arm pneumatic manipulator 3

automobile hard arm pneumatic manipulator can save costs without buy multiple power machines.

automobile hard arm pneumatic manipulator 2

 Due to the characteristics of non gravity, intuitive, convenient operation, safety and high efficiency, the mobile power manipulator is widely used in material loading removal, high frequency handling, positioning, component assembly and other occasions in modern industries.

automobile hard arm pneumatic manipulator 3

It can easily grab any artifact from somewhere, implement the corresponding process action, and then place it in another place according to the corresponding requirements, to achieve labor-saving operation


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We are a professional customized automation equipment manufacturer. Our products include depalletizer, pick and place packing machine, palletizer, robot integration application, loading and unloading manipulators, carton forming,carton sealing,pallet dispensper,wrapping machine and other automation solutions for back-end packaging production line.

Our factory area is about 3,500 square meters. The core technical team has an average of 5-10 years of experience in mechanical automation, including 2 mechanical design engineers. 1 programming engineer, 8 assembly workers, 4 after-sales debugging person, and other 10 workers

Our principle is “customer first, quality first, reputation first”, we always help our customers “increase production capacity, reduce costs, and improve quality” we strive to become a top supplier in the machinery automation industry.


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Product characteristics

1. Mobile power manipulator has the whole suspension function and easy operation;
2. Help the manipulator to manufacture according to ergonomic principles, comfortable and convenient to operate;
3. Structural design of mobile power manipulator is modular and integrated air road control;
4. Mobile power manipulator help reduce labor costs by 50%, labor intensity by 85%, and improve production efficiency by 50%;
5. Mobile power manipulator is tailored according to the product load and operation schedule, in different forms to meet different needs.



Cost-effective palletizing solution

Safety light curtain controls located at the full pallet’s exit point

Maximum design flexibility enabling the equipment to accommodate most operational requirements and layouts

System can support up to 15 different stacking patterns

Standard components for easy maintenance

Product Description

Pneumatic Manipulators are great for lifting, tilting and rotating products. They are suitable for use in a wide range of different industries, including Automotive, Manufacturing, Construction, Aerospace and warehouses of all kinds. If you operate in any industry where lifting is required, you could benefit from one of our industrial manipulators.

All end effectors / tooling can be designed to suit the customers exact requirements and are designed to suit the application. Depending on the component to be lifted, our expert team can design bespoke pneumatic clamping systems, magnets, vacuum attachments and mechanical grippers.

Product Advantage

1.Reduce labour costs as these manipulators can carry loads that would require two or more workers to move.
2. Reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI), and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), improving both health and safety in the workplace.
3. This manipulator uses an auto weight pneumatic balancer which means varying weights can be lifted without the need to adjust settings.
4. Allows for greater accuracy and access to hard to reach areas such as reaching into machines.
5. Standard and special solutions available to lift weights of up to 1500kg.


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