Are you a manufacturer?

We are the manufacturer and our factory located in Chang’an Town with more than 3500 m2.

What are robotic arms used for?

Robotic arms can be used for all manner of industrial production,processing and manufacturing roles - any task in which extremely precise, fast and repeatable movements are required

How to choose a robot arm?

First,need to know your requirements and production details.

Second,engineer offer suggestions.

What’s the warranty ?

Any quality issue ,guarantee 1 year.

Is the price consolidated ?

The price is depends on the actual require,as the machinery is non-standard customized,before confirm order,need to offer materials requirements,size,functions and etc.

What’s the advantages of robot arm equipment?

Labor saving;Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution

About Palletizer :

What does a palletizer do ?

The major task of a Palletizer Operator is to operate the console that controls the automated palletizing equipment to sort and stack on pallet containers of finished products.

A well-drafted Palletizer Operator Resume mentions the following duties and tasks – reading production and delivery schedules; stacking patterns to define sorting transfer procedures; observing packages that move along the conveyors; identifying packages to detect defective packaging and presses; supplying loading equipment with empty pallets; maintaining record of production equipment malfunctions, operating depalletizing equipment and clearing jams in equipment.

The instruction must mention the following skills and abilities – knowledge of manufacturing standards and regulations; strong mechanical skills, familiarity with inventory control practices; experience with a forklift and stand-up jack expertise; and the ability to use hand and power tools.

Why is palletizing equipment important ?

Palletizers are more efficient

The main advantage of palletizing is the ability to quickly and efficiently load and unload products for transportation. This also applies to moving products around the production facility. Having products on pallets, they can be separated into categories, prioritized by which one gets unloaded first, and better organized.

The main benefit of palletizing is how it standardizes the loads you are carrying. This means you can plan your entire workflow simply with the measurements of the transport vehicle. And if you are carrying perishable goods, you can ensure that they are moved quickly, saving on costly transit refrigeration.

Perhaps the most overlooked advantage of palletizing is that it protects your cases by keeping them off the ground. Whether in a truck or a warehouse, floors can be dirty, dusty or wet, none of which should be happening to the boxes. Since pallets are slotted, they also provide drainage and aeration for perishable products, which ensures goods remain fresher, longer.