metal steel sheet air pneumatic suction crane manipulator

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Cantilever crane is also called cantilever lifting crane, simple structure, safe and reliable.Suitable for interval-intensive transportation occasions.It has many advantages than other traditional lifting devices.Cantilever crane is a lifting equipment using electric elevator and hand pull elevator, is a convenient and popular small lifting equipment.

 cantilever is a light working strength power manipulator, composed of column, swing arm, rotary drive device and lifting equipment.With light weight, large span, movement, lifting equipment on the cantilever for left and right straight movement, and carry heavy objects.

cantilever provides lift assistance to materials, helping operators to conduct smooth, fast and accurate handling and stacking, so as to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

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Features of the cantilever suspension

1.Choose an aluminum alloy type arm or a steel cantilever;

2.Modular assembly, replaceable cantilever length;

3.Rotary angle of 0-360°;

4.Easy installation and fast.


Advantages of cantilever suspension

1. cantilever is a new generation of light lifting equipment for modern production. With high reliability of ring electric gourd chain is especially suitable for short distance, frequent use and intensive lifting operation, It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, trouble saving, small area, easy operation and maintenance.

2. The cantilever is more flexible and wide adaptability, and is a necessary separate emergency lifting equipment on the efficient and automatic production line, which can ensure the smooth flow of the production line.

Model Load R/mm H/mm A/mm Rotation Material Working
YST-XBD125 125 1500-6000 2000-5000 550 360 aluminium alloy Hand
YST-XBD250 250 1500-6000 2000-5000 550 360 aluminium alloy Hand
YST-XBD500 500 1500-6000 2000-5000 550 360 aluminium alloy Hand

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