TV screen glass suction manipulator

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This  power pneumatic manipulator is mainly used for TV LCD handling, compatible size 40-75 inches, product size is less than equal to 1900mm, width less than equal to 1100mm, this power arm with automatic glue equipment for LCD screen up and down operation, abandon the traditional manual lifting, realize a person easily handling, and no fingerprint scratches, reduce manual lifting damage rate, improve production efficiency, safe, reliable, convenient maintenance, only simple button operation can achieve TV LCD handling.

TV screen glass suction manipulator 2


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Product features

1. High stability and simple operation.With full pneumatic control, only one control switch.

2. High efficiency and short handling cycle.After handling begins, the operator can control the movement of the piece in space with less force,And can stop at any position, the handling process is easy, fast and coherent.

3. High safety performance, and set up a gas break protection device.When the gas source pressure suddenly disappears, the artifact will remain in the original position without falling immediately.

4. The main components are all internationally famous brand products, with quality guaranteed.

performance parameter

Air pressure:0.4~0.6Mpa
Rotation radius:4000mm
Main arm rotation:0-300°
Auxiliary arm:0-300°
Lifting range:1000mm
Lifting weight:30kg
Machine weight:≈500kg
Machine size:35000X1000X3500H


Equipment function configuration

1. The main gas source of the equipment is equipped with a gas storage tank to prevent the sudden gas break and protection.

2. The main and auxiliary rotating arms have the brake function to prevent the accidental rotating collision of the auxiliary arms and fixtures.

3. The suspension lifting cylinder has a mechanical limit mechanism to effectively prevent the mechanical arm from exceeding the lifting range.

4. The main arm fixed flange has a rotation angle limit device, and the rotation angle range can be formulated according to the actual field.

5. The rotation function of the clamp arm has a rotation angle limit device to prevent damage to the air elements beyond the Angle range.

6. Full gas control, with safe and stable work efficiency

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