Pneumatic manipulator is a kind of power-assisted handling equipment independently developed by our company that is used in the production line. The equipment is simple to operate, safe and reliable to use, and convenient to maintain. The most ideal handling equipment for modern production lines, warehouses, etc.

The power-assisted manipulator equipment is mainly composed of three parts: the balance crane host, the grabbing fixture and the installation structure.

The main body of the manipulator is the main device that realizes the gravity-free floating state of materials in the air.

The manipulator fixture is a device that realizes workpiece grasping and completes the user’s corresponding handling and assembly requirements.

The installation structure is a mechanism to support the whole set of equipment according to the requirements of the user’s service area and site conditions

Compared with the traditional electric power-assisted manipulator,this machine has the advantages of light structure, convenient disassembly and assembly, and it has the characteristics of a wide range of uses, and can handle loads from 10Kg to 300Kg to meet the needs of different usage.

This product has the following salient features: 

1. High stability and simple operation. With full pneumatic control, only one control switch can be operated to complete the workpiece handling process. 

2. High efficiency and short handling cycle. After the transportation starts, the operator can control the movement of the workpiece in the space with a small force, and can stop at any position. The transportation process is easy, fast and coherent.

3. The gas cut-off protection device is set up, which has high safety performance. When the pressure of the gas source suddenly disappears, the workpiece will remain in the original position and not fall immediately to ensure the completion of the current process.

4. The main components are all well-known brand products, and the quality is guaranteed. 

5. Working pressure display, showing the working pressure status,reducing the risk of equipment operation. 

6. The primary and secondary joints are equipped with the brake safety device of the rotary brake to avoid the rotation of the equipment caused by external force, realize the locking of the rotary joint and ensure safe operation. 

7. The whole balance unit realizes “zero-gravity” operation, and it is easy to operate the equipment. 

8. The whole machine is based on the principle of ergonomics, allowing the operator to operate easily and freely, saving time and effort. 

9. There is a protective device at the gripper of the manipulator to avoid scratching the load 

10. The equipment is equipped with a pressure regulating valve and an air storage tank to provide stable compressed air.

Post time: Oct-07-2023