Truss loading and unloading manipulator

Load and unload manipulator robot arm is mainly used for fully automatic machine tools manufacturing process,and integrated processing technology,suitable for material handling,tools carrying,component changing process and etc.

Handling machine is using modularity which can consist of all kinds of multi units production line.Includes:column,X beam,vertical beam,control system,loading and unloading system,gripper system and so on.Each modular are relatively independent and mutually combination in a certain range,could be automatically production for lathe,machining centre,gear shaping machine, polishing and etc equipment.

The installation and debugging of the load and unload robot can be carried out separately from the processing machine tool, the part of the machine tool is the standard machine.Robot part is entirely independent,customer also can be automatically transformer and upgrade the existing machine tools in the factory.Which means,while the robot is breakdown,it only adjust or repair the robot without affecting the lathe operation.

With the advantage of easy operation,high efficiency,high quality workpiece and etc,the automatic loading and unloading robot arm is widely use in industrial,it can labor save and cost save at the same time.To have a automatically production line,can shows the enterprise manufacturing ability, enhance the competitive power,It’s more and more popular in manufacturer industrial ,it’s bound to be the trend of manufacturing.

project case (1)

CNC machine tool truss type automatic material handling manipulator also named gantry lathe automatic load and unload manipulator.Achieve automatic control,re-programmable,multi function,multi liberty,movement degrees of freedom form into spatial right-angle relations, multipurpose manipulator.It can carry object,operate tools to finish all kinds of operation.The emergence of the truss robot replaces the manual loading and unloading, making the whole production process more safe, avoid the direct contact between the human body and the machine tools, reduce the labor intensity of the workers, and reduce the labor costs.


1,decrease the manual operation,increased the production efficiency,avoid potential safety hazard

2,using Misumi series oil resistance sucker,big suction,long service life,highly avoid material scratches

3,connect the data wire and machine interface,received the control signal to achieve on-line automatic operation,It can also control the touch screen to switch the automatic feeding mode and the manual feeding mode, suitable for different working states.

4,Intelligent automatic start and stop system, energy saving and environmental protection.

5,The movement of the manipulator is driven by a high-speed and large-torque servo motor, combined with the original imported straight-line guide rail, with a fast running speed and high positioning accuracy.

6,All setting, monitoring and debugging can be operated on the screen, fast and simple.

Grantry automatic loading and unloading manipulator advantages:

1,multi liberty,movement degrees of freedom form into spatial right-angle relations,

2,Automatically controlled, re-programmable, and all movements are run according per program

3,Generally composed of control system, drive system, mechanical system, operating tools, etc

4,Flexible, versatile, depending on the different functions of operating tools

5,High reliability, high speed, high precision.

6. Can be used in harsh environment and long-term work to facilitate operation and maintenance.

7. Each robot movement axis can be used as roller guide rail, with the advantages of high-speed operation, convenient installation and debugging, suitable for long travel applications, and can be used for bad environment.


1,high production efficiency:to increase the production efficiency,have to control the produce follow.Except the setting production process couldn’t increase,auto feeding and unloading replace manual operation,it can control the production follow and avoid human factors effect the production,greatly improved the production efficiency.

2,Flexible process modification: Quickly change the production process by modifying the program and the claw clamp, fast debugging speed, without training time for employees, can quickly put into production.

3,Improve the quality of workpiece: the robot automatic production line, from the material, gripper, the material is completely completed by the robot, reduce the intermediate links, the quality of parts is greatly improved, especially the workparts surface is more beautiful.

Post time: Apr-06-2022