4 axis palletizing robot

4 axis palletizing robot composed by two parts:controller and manipulator.

Autocmatic 4-axis palletizing robot has been mass-produced. With an average service life of more than 10 years,it’s widely used in palletizing and handling of beverages, beer, food, tobacco, chemical, logistics and many other industries.

Direct floor bolt installation,servo motor and driver are used in Delta, and reducer is used in medium and large. Linear guides, ball screws,synchronous pulley, synchronous belt ,the gripper can be clamped (finger, presser, splint), suction type, etc. Various types of grippers are connected to the robot wrist by bolts.

Product series usage scenarios, parameters, specifications, text descriptions Product series usage scenarios, parameters, specifications, text descriptions

Palletizing robot can classify itself into three types :box palletizing,woven bag Palletizing and bulk palletizing. 

1.Box palletizing: it is used for packaging case palletizing.

2.Woven bag palletizing: it is applied for chemical fertilizer, fodder or flour woven bag palletizing;

3.Bulk palletizing: it is mostly used for construction brick palletizing;

Benifits of 4 axis industrial robot palletizer for cement bag pallet

1,The 4 axis palletizing robot is widely used in chemical ,beverage,food,beer,plastic,air conditioner industry and etc

2,Automatically pack and stack carton ,bagged,canned,boxed and bottled products .

3)The simple structure,less components make it easy maintenance and low maintenance cost.

4)The Robot Palletizer takes less space and more flexible and accurate .

5)All the control can be implemented on the touch screen of the control box , easy operation .

6)The robot can work continuously for a long time, reduce a lot of labor and labor cost, more productive.

Application Fields:

F&B – secondary packaging

Battery – lithium and manganese assembly

Electronic – SMT board assembly

Automotive – Nut runner

Auto parts

3C electronics

Mechanical Machining

Visual inspection

Unmanned retail

Food processing

Vocational education

Lens processing

Products display

Visual defect detection

Visual position detection

Automatic Robot Palletizer Machine use preemptive skills and controls. The optimized planning of professional skills team makes the palletizing compact, regular and beautiful. The rapid palletizing speed and stable function have become the choice of palletizing work for many companies.Usually the machine can automatically finish a series of work, such as flattening, slow stop, transposition, bag pushing, palletizing and so on.

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