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There are all kinds of palletizers, and there are various types. It is best to find the right one. What kind of equipment is better for palletizing industrial sulfur in bags? Next, Yisite will share with you the information of industrial sulfur palletizing robots.

The industrial sulfur palletizing robot is an automated high-tech product. It can palletize various products according to the standard teaming method and number of layers. The optimized design makes the stacking more dense and orderly. Its use can greatly reduce the total number of employees and reduce work intensity. It is a high-tech product of the development of modern industrial economy, which is of great significance to improving the productivity of enterprises and controlling costs.

Features of industrial sulfur palletizing robot:

The industrial sulfur palletizing robot

equipment control cabinet adopts low-voltage control and high-voltage control, PLC and driver control, and the control equipment adopts a large touch screen, which is clear at a glance and easy to operate;

The palletizing program developed and designed

by the industrial sulfur palletizing robot has more advantages in the same industry, such as: intermittent palletizing, more editable palletizing programs, larger memory, etc., higher efficiency and more Humanized design, safe and reliable.

Industrial sulfur palletizing robot

the operating efficiency of the whole machine is less than or equal to 10KW, the skills are ring-friendly, the energy consumption is low, and the security is high;

Industrial sulfur palletizing robot

the whole machine has a stable structure, few parts, simple maintenance and low cost;

Industrial sulfur palletizing robot

high efficiency: industrial sulfur palletizing robot can complete the palletizing task according to the user's needs, without manual assistance, not affected by the height, no matter how high it is placed, there is no problem, and no matter the code High and low stacks, the efficiency is very high.

Industrial sulfur palletizing robot

saving human resources: There is no doubt about cost saving. Whether it is manual handling or palletizing, a lot of manpower is wasted. Some companies only cost about 10,000 per year for porters. After installing the industrial sulfur palletizing robot, all these costs will be saved.

Industrial sulfur palletizing robot

stacking neatly: Using industrial sulfur palletizing robots can complete high-level palletizing, and there will be no collapse problems caused by tilting or irregular stacking.

The industrial sulfur palletizing robot can be a fixed palletizing robot or a movable palletizing robot with rails. Just find the right one. If you need a bag palletizing robot, whether it is industrial sulfur or other , bagged, boxed and other products that need to be transported and palletized, you can come to consult Yisite! Give you a detailed explanation of relevant knowledge and cases.

Post time: Feb-13-2023